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卡尔技能台词有“One of my favorites、Spherical sorcery、Quas Trionis”等等。Dota2中的卡尔是一位强力的法师英雄,深受玩家的欢迎。

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Invoker! 祈求者!

Glorious invocation! 荣耀的祈祷。

What joy it is beholding me! 吾已现世,普天同庆!

Thus I invoke myself! 如吾所祈,吾身圣临

So begins a new age of knowledge 如此开启知识的纪元。


First blood, as indeed I am first in everything. 第一滴血,吾乃万事之先。


Nigh unto death! 死亡已近。

Athwart my path. 挡路者死。

Ill luck upon you. 你的运气不好。

Fight me! 来战!

You dare fight me? 谁敢来战?

harken unto me. 留心吧。

Knowledge is power! 知识就是力量!

The learned one strikes. 智者先攻。

Who threatens my concentration? 何人扰我?

I'll not be interrupted. 无人能扰。

An honor to fight me. 与我一战,三生有幸。



One of my favorites. 我的绝技之一。

Spherical sorcery! 三球法术!

Behold! 看招!

A rich tradition. 源远流长。

Drawn from deep within. 汲取元素的精髓

From the great mystery. 来自于伟大的奥秘。

A spell I well remember. 倒背如流的咒语。

True Arcanery thrives! 真之奥术永世传承。

Plucked from the Arcanery. 取自奥术宝典。

My mind is my Arcanery. 吾心即为奥术宝典。

An incantation long remembered. 滚瓜烂熟的咒语。

A charming hex. 迷人的魔咒。

Enlightenment stands ready! 世人快准备接受启示!

Words of power. 力量的咒语。

Witness true sorcery! 见识真正的法术吧!

Augury abounds. 满目先兆。

Arcana known only to me! 真知奥秘,唯我知晓!


Cold snap! 急速冷却!

Quas Trionis! 三重冰!

Quas Frigoris! 三重冻!

Sadron's Protracted Frisson! 塞卓昂的无尽战栗。

Learn how fragile you are! 认清自己的脆弱!


EMP! 电磁脉冲!

Extractive Mana Pulse! 魔法精华脉冲!

Wex Trionis! 三重雷!

Wex magnelectros! 雷磁暴!

Shimare's Extractive Pulse! 席美尔的精华脉冲!

Endoleon's Malevolent Perturbation! 恩多利昂的恶之混动。

Traitorous sorcery. 消魔大法。

Wrung out like a desiccated rag. 拧得如同干布。

Thoroughly extracted. 彻底消魔。

Your well has run dry. 你的生命之泉已经干涸了。


Chaos meteor! 混沌陨石!

Exort Wex Exort! 火,雷,火!

Voidal Pyroclasm! 来自虚空的火焰撞击。

Tarak's Descent of Fire! 塔拉克的天坠之火。

A celestial inferno! 天降炼狱!

Gallaron's Abysal Carnesphere! 加拉隆的深渊之核。

Behold the meatball! 陨石天临,尔等看好



Sun strike! 阳炎冲击!

Exort Trionis! 三重火!

Exort Tri-Solar! 三阳之炎!

Harlek's Incantation of Incineration! 哈雷克之火葬魔咒。


The skies set you aflame! 天空将你点燃!


Forge spirit! 熔炉精灵!

Exort Quas Exort! 火,冰,火!

Grief Elementals! 元素之哀伤!

Culween's Most Cunning Fabrications! 卡尔维因的至邪产物!

Ravagers of Armor and Will! 坚甲与意志的摧毁者!

An ally from naught! 无中生有的援军!


Ice Wall! 寒冰之墙!

Quas Quas Exort! 冰,冰,火!

Bitter Rampart! 极寒壁垒!

Killing Wall of Koryx! 科瑞克斯的杀戮之墙。

The harsh White Waste beckons. 严酷的白色荒野在召唤!


Deafening blast! 超震声波

Quas Wex Exort! 冰,雷,火!

Tri-orbant blast! 三重元素攻击!

Stupefactive Trio! 三体合一攻击!

Buluphont's Aureal Incapacitator! 布鲁冯特之无力声波。

Sonic boom! 声波爆轰!


Ghost walk! 幽灵漫步!

Quas Wex Quas! 冰,雷,冰!

Myrault's Hinder-Gast! 米瑞特之阻碍。

Geist of Lethargy! 生魂散尽!

I slip from sight. 遁去吾形。


Tornado! 强袭飓风!

Wex Quas Wex! 雷,冰,雷!

Wex cyclonus! 雷之风暴!

Claws of Tornarus! 托纳鲁斯之爪。

My foes aloft. 吾之大敌,皆浮于空


This spell works nowise! 此法术无效。

This magic卍isappoints. 这个魔法令人失望。

My memory fails me. 记忆有误

Did I miscast? 念错咒语了?

My concentration--shattered! 我的注意力……分散了!

Did I mix my magics? 咒语记混了吗

Words fail me? 咒语无效?

Ruinous, ill-fated spell. 真是浪费,被诅咒的法术。

Perturbations! 心神不宁

Lamentable! 可悲至极

Infelicitous! 出师不利!

The errant cosmos works against me! 苍天愚弄我!

No matter. 没有关系!


Oh, they'll rue the day they crossed me! 他们会后悔与我作对。

With unerring proficiency! 招无虚发。

The profundities are mine to ransack! 深奥之境由我探寻。

My totality eclipses the cosm 吾之存在,超越万物

I am a beacon of knowledge blazing out across a black sea of ignorance. 在那黑色的无知之海上,吾乃闪耀的知识灯塔= =||

Cause for my enemies to dwell on me exclusively! 吾之所向,皆闻风丧胆,其缘于此!

Vital attainment! 重要的知识。

Englightenment is mine! 我已接受启示!

The bliss of comprehension! 领悟的赐福。


Did I hear a squeak? 那是哀嚎吗?

I must have stepped on something. 我肯定踩到了什么东西。

Whatever that was, twas scarcely worth my notice. 何物都不值得我驻足。

Whosoever stands against me, stands briefly. 挡我者不能长久。

Fools die卆s you well know. 愚民必死……你心知肚明。

Give it not a second thought. 毫无生还机会。

Mark these words: they're the last you'll hear. 记下我的咒语,因为你不会听到下一次了。

Your ignorance ensured your demise. 无知是你的致命伤。

You'd have done better to clothe yourself in knowledge, for all the good your scraps of armor did you. 武装自己的应该是知识,而不是一身废铜烂铁。

You die as you lived: insipid and ignorant. 就像活着的时候那样,你死得无趣而又无知。

You were no match for my powers. But then, who is? 你不是我的对手。话说回来,谁是呢?

Like a match already dim and damp, your mind snuffs out. 火柴燃尽,意志熄灭。

I outlive another. 又有人比我先死。


Insipid. 无趣。

I've forgotten you already. 你不配让我记住。

Peculiar. 真奇怪。

Gold for little toil. 付出就有回报。

Such abnegation. 壮烈的牺牲。

Profitable engagement. 买卖划算。

Well gotten gains. 收获颇丰。

A small annihilation. 横扫千军。

As I will. 如我所愿。

So mote it be. 真少。


Denied! 反补成功。

Denied! 反补成功。

All things fall. 一切都会尘埃落定的。

Short-sighted of you. 鼠目寸光。

No. 不。

Methinks you wanted that. 我知道你想要。

Demised. 死亡。

Tis nuncupatory! 告诉我你的遗嘱吧。

It's all the same to me. 对我来说都一样。


No! 不!

Darkness and ignorance take you all! 愿黑暗与无知吞噬你们!

My magics die with me. 我的魔法将会殉葬。

An end to ages of learning. 知识纪元的终结。

The archives of time are lost with me. 时间的档案与我一同失落。

Outside my mind, nothing is real. 脑海之外万物皆为虚幻。 (= =你是老庄?)

All that matters, perishes with me. 所有重要的东西都随我一同逝去了。

Forget me not! 勿忘我!

Dead loss. 得不偿失。

The final tabulation. 最后的组合。

Put me out of your mind. 让我忘掉自己。


Remember me, for I will remember you! 记住我,因为我会记得你。

Death is but a lapse in my concentration? 死亡只不过是我稍微分散了一下注意力。


I return with nary a mark upon me. 我又回来了,连一点印记都没留下。

I remember now what I was about. 我记得我是做什么的。

I shall be mindful, make no mistake. 我必须更加小心,不能犯任何错误。

Recalled from the yonside of death. 从死亡的彼端应召唤而归来。

The universe was not the same without me. 宇宙因我而不同。

With my return, the cosmos is restored. 自我归来,宇宙也复原。

All knowledge is parallel. 所有的知识都是平行的。

A line without beginning, a line without end. 一条直线没有开始,也没有结束。

From the source of self-knowledge, the well of creation, I return. 从自我知识的源头,创世之泉中,我又回归了。

Knowing me knowing you. 知己……知彼。


All can be known, and known by me. 一切皆可知,我知一切。

The universe depends on what I can remember of it. 我思故我在。

From the first point was begat a line. From this line was begat a world. And that first point was one I made. 化点为线,具线成世界,初始之点由我所造。


I will commit this to memory. 我将此物献于记忆。

With mind alone, I have made this a reality. 仅凭意志我就将此物化作现实。

Aeons I have waited, and saved, for this. 千载之等待只为此物。

Blink dagger! 闪烁匕首!

Dagger of the mind. 意念之匕首!

Ah, scepter! 啊,神杖!

Ancient scepter. 远古神杖。

Scythe of Vyse! 邪恶镰刀!

Heart of Tarrasque! 恐鳌之心。

Boots of Travel! 远行鞋!

Shiva's Guard! 希瓦的守护!

Bloodstone! 血精石!

Veil of Discord! 纷争面纱!

Linkin's Sphere! 林肯法球!

Another Sphere! 另一个法球。

Immortality! 不朽之守护!

For ages more! 再活五百年.


I will recall you at a later point. 片刻后再行祈唤。

I will think upon this for a time. 给我点时间想想。

Be mindful of your purpose. 请注意你的使命。


Haste! 急速!

Still, not as swift as the speed of my thoughts. 还是不如我的思维快。

Double damage! 双倍伤害!

Redoubled concentration. 双重的专注,双倍的伤害。

Regeneration! 恢复!

Vitality, like my knowledge, a well that never empties. 生命力就像是我的知识一样,是一眼永不干涸的泉水。

Illusion! 幻象!

I'm betwixt myself. 跻身自我。

Invisibility! 隐身!

What need have I for this? 我要这个有什么用?

I have orbs for this. 已经有三球技能了。


Yes! 好的!

Victory! 胜利!

I have rendered it thus with my will alone! 我仅靠意志就造就了这场胜利。


No! 不!

Defeated! 我们失败了!

My mind卽nravels! 我的意志解体了。


It falls to me to inform you that this one is in the bag! 现在该我来告诉你们,此战稳操胜券了。

Shitty wizard! 傻瓜魔导师。

Crummy wizard! 可怜的魔导师。


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